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Calgary to California Road Trip

Since I am a summer athlete, it is very hard to train properly in the cold Calgary weather! So every year in September we come down to Southern California to train. They have a really nice training environment here and the whole team comes to train together in the warm weather. We have riders from all over Canada; from British Colombia on the West Coast, to New Brunswick on the East Coast.

Usually I fly down but this year I drove down with my dad so I could have my own car to get around. The drive is 2500 kilometers which takes about 25 hours to drive! We spread it out over three days so we didn’t get too tired driving.

Have any of you ever gone on a road trip? Did you like it?

What I loved about the road trip was that I got to see all the different geographies on the route. I had no idea it would be so beautiful!

I took photos of the different geographies as we drove through them.

First we drove directly south of the city through the Alberta prairies. It got a little bit boring after a while, it looks plain and doesn’t change!

Then we crossed the United States Border into Montana. At first the scene looked the same but then it started to change!

But very soon it turned back into prairie views.

Suddenly there were some green patches. What do you think that could be from?

A lake!

Then we saw some cool fences. They weren’t ordinary fences because they went in all different directions. They are for preventing the wind from blowing big gusts of snow onto the road in the winter.

When we got to Utah we finally got to see some green for a little while, and rolling hills.

They were mining for something on the side of this hill. I wonder what they were looking for.

We drove through Arizona for about 20 kilometers and it was beautiful!

Then when we drove through Nevada there were small cactuses growing everywhere.

After Nevada we drove through California until we reached our destination!

I hope you enjoyed the tour, check back soon for more updates!