A couple of weeks ago I was in Argentina. Argentina is at the very tip of South America and is very far away! It is the 8th largest country in the World!  One side of Argentina is bordered by the Andes Mountains, but the interior country is flat, fertile grassland called Pampas. The other side is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean! (What provinces in Canada border the Atlantic Ocean?)

Argentina is very rich in animal species, in the North there are Cougars, Jaguars, flamingos and crocodiles.

In the waters there are sharks, orcas and dolphins. There are also penguins, elephant seals and pumas!!!


The favourite sport of most Argentinians is Soccer.


When I was in Argentina I had a very important race. To qualify for the Olympics there are 12 races that everyone competes in to collect points. This race was the 2nd last one and it was very important to collect as many points as possible!

I was really nervous. I was worried that I wouldn’t do very well and might not collect enough points.

So we focused on all of the little things that help me get better, like eating good foods (some of my favourites are pineapple and avocado) getting lots of sleep, reading, and staying focused at training.

When race day came, I knew we had done everything we could to prepare and that I just had to do what we do in practice. Even though I was nervous, when I got to the start line I stayed focused and I ended up doing really well! I won two races, the match sprints and the keirin and became Pan Am Champion!

 I had lots of help from my coaches and teammates. Here are two of the staff who helped me in Argentina! I couldn’t do it without their help!

Now we have one more race in Melbourne, Australia until the Olympic qualification is over. Thank you for the comments on the last post!



6 thoughts on “Argentina!

  1. Grace Lake says:

    Did you like it in Argentina? What was your favorite part about the trip?

  2. Christian Taphorn says:

    Hello! I likeed the post cards that you sent my class! Could you send more?
    P.S.- parker can not stop saying that he loves you 🙂

  3. Christian Taphorn says:

    are u going 2 say anything ’bout parker ?

  4. Christian Taphorn says:

    oops sorry about the slang

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