United Kingdom

I spent two weeks in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is a unique country made up of four different nations, Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. The first week I was in Wales and the second week I was in England!

The UK is covered in high ground, knife edged mountain ridges separated by deep valleys. This terrain was shaped in the last Ice Age, when thick glaciers covered the land. In the south of England, the countryside is mostly rolling hills.

About 5000 years ago, the center of the UK was covered with thick forests. Thousands of years ago, these woodlands were cleared by ancient farmers, and today only about 10 percent of the land is forest.

Wales is a very beautiful place, there are lots of green rolling hills speckled with lots of sheep. It is one of the wettest countries in Europe.

Wales has its own language and it sounds very funny. All the letters are the same as English, they’ve just scrambled them up! Here are a few examples:

bore da: good morning

dydd da: good day

prynhawn da: good afternoon

noswaith dda: good evening

nos da: good night

sut mae?: how are you?

hwyl: cheers

diolch: thanks

Can you think of an author from England?

There is something special happening in England this summer. Do you know what it is? What city is it in?


4 thoughts on “United Kingdom

  1. Grace Lake says:

    In England this summer it is the summer Olympics

  2. Hi Monique, it’s the 5S class. We had some time today to visit your blog and were interested by many of the facts! We wanted to clear up one fact though, the picture of your bridge is actually the Tower Bridge, not the London Bridge. We thought of some authors that come from the UK. Roald Dahl wrote our production this year and he is British and of course, we could never forget the author of those famous books that everybody has read, JK Rowling! Keep writing your blog, we love to hear from you!

    • moniquesullivan says:

      Thank you for correcting me! I will have to make sure to do my research better! 🙂
      My favourite Roald Dahl book is Matilda, which production are you doing this year?
      Thank you for the note!

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