Los Angeles vs. Canadian cities

I am living in Los Angeles, California, home to Disneyland and the Hollywood sign. Los Angeles is very big and vast and there are so many different things here, that I thought it might be fun to compare it to some Canadian cities.









Los Angeles is on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. What cities in Canada are on the Pacific Coast? (What is the name of the Ocean on the other side of Canada?)

The population of Metropolitan LA is 13 million! What city in Canada has the largest population? What is the population of Canada?

Los Angeles gets about 10,000 earthquakes every year! (Most of them are very small, you don’t even notice them.) Are there any cities in Canada that get earthquakes?

LA hosted the 1982 and 1932 Olympics. What Canadian cities have hosted an Olympics?

Los Angeles has a Mediterranean Climate. This means that it has warm and dry summers and mild to cool, wet winters. What is the climate in Calgary?

Los Angeles has Disneyland!! (I really wanted to go when I was your age but never got to.) Is there anything like that in Canada? (I can think of something in Toronto.)

That’s all for today, please send me any comments or questions!



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